What to listen to when doing Journals.

Written: Monday. April 13, 2020.

This is me being forced by a spin-the-wheel app that I downloaded a few weeks ago and kind of forgot to use — to write a journal entry for today. The app has an option of customizing your own roulette. You get to be the one to put in the options or the things you’d win on the spinning of the wheel.

It’s still very early in the morning right now as I’m writing this (7:14 am). So my mind’s not yet that awake, and can’t muster up the usual style of the way I write. So this is what it sounds like when I’m on auto-pilot… or just sleepy.

I wanted a little bit of challenge for this week. I’ve been stuck doing a mindless routine of reading two books alternately from time to time, then watching a cartoon series or more, and then maybe I’ll read more of some passages from the Mythology book that I still haven’t finished reading, cause it’s just a lot of information to take in. I’ve fallen out of watching a movie a day, which I was still fortunately able to do last month of March. When April came, it sort of got lost, but I’m still stupidly downloading a bunch of movies I haven’t watched from the internet, in hope that I get the strength to watch them some day; only to end up being a huge pile inside of my laptop’s internal storage…

So maybe I’ll be doing a lot of these again for the next couple of days. If I get to write a single journal a day for five days straight, that’s an accomplishment. If not, then I’ve failed myself, honestly. Covid lock down’s been rough.

I probably might fix a couple of my older entries later on, which was something I did a few months ago, changing the titles of the entries and giving it good visuals and all that. I fell out of it cause of lazy reasons. So I’ll go back to that once I’m done with this thing.

Nothing much is new when it comes to things happening in the life right now. We’re still in quarantine, though I don’t really add myself to that, cause I don’t have a job or school to go to anyway despite the lock down. Just wanna put that out there. I’ve experienced a year of this back in 2015. Different story.

I’m still reading Armada by Ernest Cline and The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan. Which kind of brings me back to the spin-the-wheel app. I came up with the idea of Russian-Roulette-ing my daily shit cause I flipped a coin earlier last night on what I was to read before going to sleep.

Heads for The Great Hunt.

Tails for Armada.

And it landed on Tails.

So I read Armada.

But I kind of wanted to read The Great Hunt last night, cause the last book I read a chapter on from the two was already Armada. But the coin landed Tails, so I went with that. If I didn’t, I’d have defeated the purpose of that coin-toss.

There was a time when I based my actions on flipping coins. Back in my fourth year of high-school, I got introduced to playing a trading card game called Cardfight!! Vanguard, which had a factor of coin-tossing at the very beginning of each match, to see who would go first. Kind of like when you’re playing chess, and hide a black and white pawn on each knuckle and let your opponent choose which one they’ll get to use for the game. Same principle.

So I jumped further into that principle, and remembered the spin-the-wheel app I downloaded weeks ago, and thought I’d give this a fucking try. So here we are now. That particular series of events have caught up now, full circle.

And now I don’t know what to write about…

I made something yesterday. It was a digital artwork of a keyboard; specifically the keyboard from my laptop. I highlighted the main QWERTY grid, cause this idea’s been latched into my head for quite a while now, and I didn’t really bother doing it until yesterday. The idea was just to give perspective on how we as human beings are limited to these twenty-six letters of the Alphabet, but at the same time unlimited, cause we could come up countless words and patterns of mixing those countless words together to make sentences out of them, then paragraphs, then whole stories.

We’re limited to a degree, but also unlimited at the same time…

So that’s the end of that brain fart.

I also posted a new photo yesterday on my new IG account. It’s the account where I’ll post about my life and all that happens in it.

*my laptop died out on me at this point in the entry, and I can’t remember the last thing I had written down, so I don’t know if I lost a couple of sentences, or I actually didn’t and Evernote was able to backup this file fast enough, before shit went down… I need a new laptop.*

I haven’t been listening to lo-fi hip hop radio for quite some time now. I’ve kind of outgrown it, in a sense. I’ve moved on to other soundtracks. I’m currently listening to the “Somewhere In Time” soundtrack by John Barry. Other times, I’d be listening to “The Prince’s Tale” or “Dumbledore’s Farewell”, cause reasons…

Max Richter scores are very nice to listen to, as well. But it sort of lingers into a more depressive or melancholy state of mind, so…

I’m now currently re-watching Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and The Spectacular Spider-man. Hate that they never got to finish The Spectacular Spider-man series as a whole. I think most people would agree that it’s the best Spider-man animated series out there. For sure.

I hope I get something good in the next spin-the-wheel.

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