Multi-tasking does not exist.

it just doesn’t.

Written: Wednesday. October 23, 2019.

Usually, if I’m not playing lofi hiphop radio as I’m writing these journal entries of mine, I hit play on this mp3 file that I have of the amazing Hans Zimmer’s score of Man of Steel. It’s sort of titled off as the original sketchbook (had to search it up on Youtube cause I wasn’t quite sure if that was accurate), or Deluxe Edition, as the video is named like that. Go look that up if you’re interested. It really gets you in the vibe of productivity or workout. Whatever you choose to use it with is up to you, but it’s almost sure to boost your willpower in order to do…stuff.

But today’s gonna be a little different. I’m gonna try out the Batman Begins score, also from Hans Zimmer. Let’s see if it gives the same kind of willpower-boost.

*i’m going to have to download the video and turn that into an mp3 file in order for me not to deal with the avid ad breaks of Youtube. Kinda gets you out of the funk of it all.*

So today’s actually just me watching season 2 of Harmon Quest. Yep. I’d describe it exactly that. I’m even downloading season 3 right now as a side-productive thing. So I’m doing this entry as my main-productive thing, and I’m running a download montage on my browser as a side-productive thing. That’s the closest I could ever get to multi-tasking, or even admitting that multi-tasking exists. Because it doesn’t, and people should accept that.

You can’t process two or more tasks at the same time without one or two of those two or more things suffering the consequences of trying to split your focus in tackling multiple tasks at once. That’s just not how the brain works. You have to give your full attention to one thing. You can only distribute your full attention to one thing only. Even if I’m somehow downloading something at the background of writing this journal, I still have to stop myself completely from writing, in order to move towards downloading another video, and then having to stop that task in order to get back to writing this journal.

It’s false multi-tasking…because multi-tasking is false. Why did this suddenly become a ramble towards the validity of multi-tasking?!

We went to the hospital last night, literally after I finished the previous journal entry. My mom’s blood pressure was acting up, and she was feeling dizzy for no reason. We went to the hospital, the UST hospital, because that’s the nearest one. The Chinese hospital is a bit far, but is the second nearest hospital in our vicinity.

Okay, the Batman Begins score just took a slight turn for the weird. I think it’s because the theme of the score is about fear, so that’s why there’s a part that’s just full of jump scare noises. I’m literally listening to that part as I’m writing this. Good thing it stopped — nope. It’s still going. I might’ve made a wrong move here. But we’ll see if it gets better after this one track.

So going back to the hospital thing: at this point, I hate going to the hospital, because it reminds me of the months we spent having to deal with my dad’s bypass operation. It gets me back to that state of mind, and it only causes me to have to endure those memories again. I could go as to say that it’s good to remind ourselves of the hardships we’ve been through, but come on. A man can only endure so much.

Life is still due on giving me that pass that I deserve.

We were in the emergency room for so long. There were no places where I could lie down and rest. And I’ve been through one hell of a day yesterday at that point, and my body was weighing on me and it was looking for some recuperation time, which meant lying on a bed and sleeping for some goddamn long hours.

I’ve been having trouble with my body clock lately. It’s giving me a hard time trying to wake up as early as 4:30 am. I haven’t done it yet whatsoever. My most successful wake up time was 6 am yesterday morning. But then again, that was also taken back, because I slept again for like an hour and woke up at like 11 am.

I was able to read a couple of chapters from the book I’m reading, though. But my body wanted to just go back to dreamland, so I let it. And it sucks.

I’m currently reading The Songs of Distant Earth by Arthur C. Clarke by the way, for those who are interested. It’s not that good, writing-style-wise. And I think that if a book’s writing-style already fails to capture you as a reader, then everything else crumbles down and you don’t really get to absorb the story in its entirety.

I think that parallels with how films are good because the story is good, and not the cinematography. The cinematography is cool and all. It’s eye-candy. But if that’s all you get from those cinematic shots that you put on a film, and it doesn’t really add anything to the film as a whole, then your film fails, because your story fails.

And that’s why I think writing-style should be well thought of. I get why the book that I’m reading is like that, though. The book was written in the 80’s. It’s a classic, which means it’s different from the modern taste that we have. It’s more plot-focused/centered. Rather than having likable characters to follow along the story with, we are faced with a more “big picture” kind of novel. Those kinds of tropes are most prominent in the classic Sci-Fi genre. I don’t know yet if that’s the case on the classic Fantasy genre. I hope not.

I’ve already expressed my thoughts about the difference of sci-fi and fantasy when it comes to literature and film, in a previous journal entry, if I’m right. It’s basically about how sci-fi is meant to be seen rather than read, in order to fully grasp the gravity of it’s context.

And I still stand by that statement.

22 | Dope as Fuck.

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Elmo Hidalgo

Elmo Hidalgo

22 | Dope as Fuck.

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