An idea sprawling out of my mind.

Which lead to the start of “The Omnivault”. Also something about my current house and its significance to my life.

Monday. August 19, 2019.

esterday, and the days prior, there has been an idea growing inside of my head. I didn’t actually know what it was. It didn’t have an actual form yet. But it was there. And last night, while I was reading a book, the idea took form.

See, in the last entry, I discussed about how I haven’t written anything for a long time now, and how I was able to write something because of a conversation I had with my friend, which lead me to challenge myself to write a short story, which I successfully accomplished.

With that setting, I am in a situation where I still don’t actually feel like I’m valid to be called a writer at all. I’m writing journal entries, but that only makes me a blogger, or a journalist. It doesn’t make me a writer in the traditional sense that I write stories of fiction and have potential novels just waiting to be submitted to a publisher.

No. I still feel that I am not worthy of the title of Writer. So, this is the idea:

I am going to start writing something. I’m going to start writing one chapter per week. That’s a thousand words or more per week. It would be set in this one world, or maybe more, if I decided to write a science fiction story and end up writing a multiverse for it. But it hasn’t been decided yet. And that’s because,

I will be writing this story without an actual plot, or an actual plan.

I would just face the computer, type in the words, and hope to get something out of this brain of mine.

It’s gonna be interesting, to do this kind of thing. Mainly because there’s no road map to what I’m gonna reach. But that’s also the good thing about it, because that would mean that I can reach whatever or wherever I wanna reach with this story of mine.

So the way this would work is this:

I’m going to allot a day (in every week) of my “The Modern Hidalgo” Journal for this story. Since it’s a weekly scheduled story program, I’m still in the process of figuring out which day I’m gonna give away for this story project, and which day is a good day for me to write this thing?

Should I could go for a Friday, since that day is always a good day for anything, plus, I still get one day for the Journal Entry afterwards, which is Saturday.

Yeah, I’m gonna go for Friday.

And I’m also still debating with myself on whether or not I should make it more than a thousand words per chapter? I could go for two thousand words, but then again, a thousand words a day, based on actual experience here, is already a tough climb to finish. So probably going to stick with a thousand words, but as a checkpoint, I guess.

If I could write a lot more than a thousand words for a chapter in a week, then that’s cool. But I don’t have to pressure myself to do more. Because that’s what you do as a creator.

You set yourself up for a goal, but never set yourself up too much to reach it. Take it slow. You’ll get there. You’re only racing with yourself. Nobody should tell you otherwise.

Bla bla bla.

In other news, I’m actually writing this at 1:30 pm. I dunno. I just felt like doing it earlier today. All because of the idea brewing in my head. I had to get it out as soon as possible, or else I’m gonna explode.

I’m planning on taking pictures of our room. With the particular reason of wanting to preserve how it currently is. I feel like, soon, we would have to move out of this house, and I don’t really want to lose a memory of this part of my life. So much development has happened to me in the past few years, in the span of when we started to live in Manila. So I just really wanna preserve this moment. Because I feel like this, once I look back on it, would look like it was a very particularly important moment, and vital chapter to my life, and the lives of my family, who is also living in this house.

I guess if I were to give examples on what I mean by “this house gave a lot of development on our lives”, it would be this:

  • I got my first laptop here, even though it’s not brand new, but still a laptop all the same.
  • We got to upgrade into a better computer system than the one we’ve worked with for a bunch of years.
  • I received a pen tablet here. Which gave me a lot of new skill sets to work off with.
  • I got my first camera here. Again, even though it’s not brand new, it’s the essence of having one that counts.
  • I bought a lot of books here, more than the number of books I’ve bought in my whole life, prior to living in this house, of course.
  • I was able to write prolifically again, in this house.
  • I became a better person in this house. And still in progress.

Those are just some of the things I would say are the reason behind wanting to preserve this room through pictures. Plus, I think it’s safe to say, this is the most cluttered up room I’ve had yet. Wherein, there are a lot of mementos here. A lot of things that are mine. Material things, of course, but memories, just as well.

There are a lot more to say about this particular house. A lot more good memories and bad memories. But I guess that’s for another time.

That’s it for this entry. I’m excited to get started on that weekly story project that I’ll be working on starting this Friday. I’m not sure what to write about yet. I should at least think of a setting or some characters.

I guess I’ll just wing it.

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