Aftermath of MIBF 2019.

reaching a milestone, and buying Minecraft as a reward.

Written: Tuesday. September 17, 2019.

So it’s been awhile, in terms of being able to write a journal entry for “The Modern Hidalgo”.

A lot has happened the past couple of days. Manila International Book Fair 2019 has come and gone. I was able to go to the event for at least 3 days within the 5-day span. That alone was a success, an accomplishment that I should point out in this journal as purely as it is. Success.

I had planned it out. I had set a goal for myself, that I was gonna go to MIBF this year for more than just a day. And I was able to do just that. That’s a win right there. Something worthy of celebration, or a reward. But I think, the best reward I could take from this, are the books that I was able to buy, the MIBF experience that I only get to experience once I year (thrice, this year. Technically speaking), and accomplishing to post my vlogs for each of the days I went to the event.

Those are the things that I can be proud of for this week. Though I can’t say the same for this journal of mine, because I wasn’t able to come up with an entry whilst having to worry about vlogging and editing videos for my Youtube Channel. But hey, maintaining a channel is already quite a challenge.

I had just reached 4K+ Hours of Watch Time yesterday. A milestone that me and my dad have been trying to reach for months now. And we reached it. That’s great news. Another victory for the hard work he and I have been putting out there.

Now, I’m just waiting for Youtube to acknowledge my Channel as a Monetized Channel. Meaning, my videos would get to start earning some hard cash from now on. A very satisfying thing to think about, knowing that something you’ve worked so hard on, and that you’re passionate about, is getting an immediate response from people. And you get paid doing so.

I think, right now, if I was asked why I want to pursue this kind of career, instead of a stable job, where I work for months to years, and being able to receive a steady paycheck per month, is because of the immediacy of Youtube that most companies or jobs could never provide.

Sure, it’s an unstable profession. Sure, I might not get my money’s worth when I need it. But it keeps me level headed. The job isn’t really a job. It’s sort of a marriage between work and passion. Of course we need to maintain this level of work ethic, that we have to produce good quality content in order to follow along with the algorithm. But at the same time, we can do whatever we want. Nobody’s telling us what to do, or what to show in our Channels. It’s a choice I can make on my own. I can do what I love, and I get acknowledged for that.

In other news, I wasn’t 100% enjoying my time while I was at MIBF 2019. I found it hard to maintain a level of positivity and energy, since I had little to no time for relaxation. Even if I was able to find the time to take a quick nap, or rest my eyes a little, it won’t matter. Because that wasn’t enough of a rest for me to get back the energy that I had lost. And the fact that I had to go back the next day — after I had spent the whole day editing a video and posting it online — it’s bound to get me fatigued.

Though, I can’t say for sure that it’s Burnout. I don’t think burnout is caused by physical stress. I think that’s more of a psychological stress. The feeling of being fatigued by things that you have kept doing on repeat, even if it’s something that you loved doing, is gonna take a toll on you. But again, I wouldn’t say that what happened to me was a case of Burnout.

It was more of Frustration. Frustration for many things. One, because of the Camera that I was using. Although it’s my first ever DSLR Camera, and I would have sentimental value over it forever, it doesn’t change or ease the fact that it doesn’t have a flip monitor, so that I could see my framing whilst vlogging. And that is the most struggling thing to deal with if you’re trying to vlog yourself.

Two, I didn’t really have anybody with me that I could share my enjoyment of the wonderful experience of being in MIBF. My mom was there with me on Wednesday last week. So I was still quite enjoying my time. And also David was there as well. But on the second day (Friday), I went to the event alone. No one was there with me. So I had to figure stuff out on my own. But that day ended up being good anyway, since I was able to show for it on the vlog I made for the day.

But when it came to the third day (Sunday), I was really down in the dump when it came to the whole day in general. There were a lot of people in the event (obviously). I wasn’t able to vlog properly (obviously), and the video that I made got copyrighted because of one background music that I have used for the video. So the third day was a loss.

But in any event (see what I did there), everything worked out fine. The silver lining of it all was really the 4K milestone that we were able to reach.

Now, currently, I guess I’m back to writing journal entries again. And maybe planning on doing several videos regarding the books that I bought in MIBF 2019.

I wasn’t able to do the 3K Pesos challenge this year. Cause I had less of that amount of money, even on the first day. I had like 2,500 pesos in my wallet.

My dad gave me an extra 500 pesos on Sunday, before I went to the event. So I was able to buy, not really a book, cause I could’ve bought myself another book with or without the extra moolah, but a game called Minecraft (mobile version), since it needs to paid for 385 pesos in the playstore.

Right now, that’s what I’ve got myself into.

22 | Dope as Fuck.

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Elmo Hidalgo

Elmo Hidalgo

22 | Dope as Fuck.

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