Inner Machinations: Entry_005.

Written: Thursday. July 9, 2020.

Before I get into the now Weekly-scheduled Journal — *i literally forgot what I was about to type down, fuck* — I wanna say that I have finally finished re-editing all of THE MODERN HIDALGO…well, I’ll probably re-edit a few of them that I didn’t really manage to do a fine job on, so… — *btw, this wasn’t what I wanted to say at all, but fuck it.*

Also, these entries have been getting longer lately…that’s all I’m gonna say about it. *still not what I wanted to say, but whatever*.

Books I’m reading: The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan & Moymoy Lulumboy by Segundo Matias Jr.

Almost done with reading The Dragon Reborn. Gotten a bit slow on that one, maybe because I’m not sure anymore if I like reading it or not at all. I don’t know what makes it a good story to read…as of late. I’m finding it very long and verbose. Not that that’s wrong for a fantasy story to deliver. It’s just, man, I really expected there to be some vivid magic happening with this series. I’m only saying that cause the closest thing to an Epic Fantasy story that I’ve read prior was Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. He’s got a style of writing that makes you believe that the magic is possible. Or at least, in some way, plausible. Which makes me wonder: do the last three Wheel of Time books (which were co-written by Brandon himself) have more vivid-feeling magic scenes in them? Can’t wait to find out.

As for Moymoy Lulumboy, I’m now reading it after deciding on putting down War of the Worlds. I couldn’t take reading another chapter of it, since clearly I was not in any way understanding what was happening in the story right from the get-go. Wells doesn’t know how to tell a story, I’m sorry to say. He picked the worst perspective to write this on (which is a man of science who happens to be in the exact place at the right time all the time, and doesn’t have a name of his own, cause who the hell cares about the narrator, right?)

I guess there are just some books that are not for everybody. But in my defense, try reading The War of the Worlds, and try to see if you too hate the fact that Wells spends a lot of time in this book describing the location of things, the location of people, the location of anything, and not even pay attention or give the spotlight to the martians. He wrote it in the mindset of a man who happens to know a lot about science (much like himself), and this narrator also happens to be the worst storyteller, if we’re accounting for the fact that this is a character telling this story as a recollection of the things that happened to him while there was an alien invasion happening around the village. I don’t even know what my point is anymore. I don’t like how War of the Worlds was written. That’s plain and simple. The choice was wrong not to make this an Every-man story. I bet I’ll get a better experience on the Tom Cruise movie…

Now going back to Moymoy Lulumboy: It’s written in Tagalog, and I’m only five chapters in. My first impressions on it are as follows: It’s definitely a hard transition to be reading a different language all of a sudden (even if I’m Filipino), but it does become fairly fine once you get the hang of it. The author clearly wants his readers to know a lot of Tagalog words that are not commonly used in day-to-day conversation. He’s got fair prose, I’ll give him that. It’s not hard to follow at times.

Though I do think about the scenario of kids reading this story. Cause if I was a kid, and I was reading this story, I would probably have a harder time reading it then than now that I’m a young adult. This story feels like if Ben 10 was a fantasy story set in the Philippines. That’s what’s going on in my head as I’m reading this book. Cause Moymoy can transform into creatures…

Movies I watched last weekend: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo & Project X (1987).

I changed a lot of things on my weekly-schedule this time around. Instead of watching just one movie on a Saturday, I added Sunday into the mixture. I now allow myself to watch two movies every weekend. The first one was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which is honestly a guilty pleasure to watch. Which resulted to why I decided to watch another movie the next day. Cause I felt like I cheated myself. I’m supposed to watch a movie from my movies folder on my laptop, and instead of doing that, I picked out a movie I knew I wanted to watch (and have watched at least once in the past already). It’s really a shame that Rooney Mara didn’t get to revisit Lisbeth Salander’s character, and was given to another actress. Nothing against Claire Foy, she’s cool. I just don’t agree with the new director’s decision not to stick with Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig.

As for Project X, it was okay. It definitely feels like a Planet of the Apes movie, but the apes don’t talk, yet are just as intelligent. I wasn’t sold on Matthew Broderick’s character as an airforce pilot. He was too Ferris Bueller with his acting. Or is that his general style? I dunno. Helen Hunt was… attractive. I don’t know much about her career, is what I’m saying here. But she was good looking back then. That’s all I’ll say about that.

For the plot of the movie, it was fair. I don’t really expect much from an 80’s movie, other than it being a fun movie to watch. And it was fun to watch. The radiation scenes were good, I’ll give it that. I like the way it’s edited. The slow motion effect when the monkeys are radiated while they pilot a simulated plane. That was cool to watch. Definitely want to do an edit like that.

My Google Adsense Verification Code finally arrived last Friday.

I mean, like, finally, it came. I was surprised that it even did so at all! I lost hope like a month ago that I’ll be able to fulfill my mission of gaining money off of my Youtube videos. But now that it’s finally arrived, I can finally… continue on with what I’m doing, cause I literally don’t know what new video to post about.

My mind’s still trying to process the fact that I can earn money on my videos again. So it’ll probably be a while before I get back on track with this.

Bed-table arrived just one day after being ordered.

I was able to convince my parents to let my buy a bed-table (with their money). I wanted a bed-table just to know what it feels like to have a bed-table. I thought it’d be a way for me to properly use my laptop on my bed, since I’m no longer using my actual study table. I want to go back to the study table, but to go back to that would mean dealing with internet disconnections here and there. So, much like what I said in the last entry, this is a Devil’s Bargain situation I’m dealing with.

Finished watching Attack on Titan Season 2.

It was a bit of a let down, to be honest. It was too short, and didn’t really give me much of an amazing experience to watch. It felt like the story was being stretched, and that there weren’t enough of Titans fighting other Titans.

Series I’m watching on the side: Twilight Zone 2019 Season 2, Voltes V, Attack on Titan Season 3 and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

I’m still watching the original Twilight Zone serial, but not that often. I’m not as obligated to watch it as the new series. I watched episodes 4–6. And boy, were they bad.

Ovation was weak. They literally stretched the episode because of the cabin in the woods scenes. They could’ve cut it down with those scenes. And the reveal that her sister replaced her was just God-awful writing! How does that even make sense to the narrative of the story? Her sister is a Doctor!… or a nurse, not sure. But why make her a fucking singer just because a cursed coin is in her possession??? What the fuck kind of lazy writing was that? Even Jordan Peele in the end was like, “what the fuck is this shit? Aight, Imma just slowly walk out of frame here without even saying anything”. That’s literally how the episode ends.

Among the Untrodden was a dud as well. It didn’t land the impact it wanted to make. It was a mislead that didn’t quite make sense, or didn’t make me care. Plus, the dialogue was dull. The young actors didn’t sell me on the idea that the new student was really interested in wanting to learn about telepathy or any psychic stuff. She feels like when the director calls cut, she’ll be your normal american girl who spends her time fixated on a screen… And don’t get me started on the actual plot of the episode. It’s not even worth mentioning at this point.

8 was dumb, cause it tried to act smart. That’s the best way to describe this episode. And it was such a short episode, as well. I mean, sure, they’ve been doing 45 minute episodes and should really condense them in 23 minutes per episode. But this episode in particular didn’t even give time to make the audience afraid of the Octopus! It was just “welp, here’s this strange octopus that’s so smart it starts killing everyone like what happens in the Alien movies”. God, these are lazy screenwriters.

Rod is turning in his grave.

Decided to start watching Brooklyn Nine Nine just awhile ago, cause a video popped up on Youtube that had all of the cold opens in one single long ass video. And it sure as hell sold me to it. I’ve been seeing multiple videos of Brooklyn Nine Nine in the past, but have never really thought of starting to watch the show. But now is the day that finally happens.

I uploaded my first five self-made tracks on Soundcloud.

Weirdly enough, this new skill solidified itself on the day I watched Grave of the Fireflies. I would just like to remind my future self that, if he ever reads this one day. The reason for it is to know that I was in a place of sadness… and happiness. Cause also on that day, I had a very hilarious video meeting with my friends from Shockpoint Entertainment (Technically Shockpoint Music). It’s a longer story to discuss, but to keep it short, after I finished watching Grave of the Fireflies, I took a bath, and after that the video call commenced, and I was the complete opposite to how I previously felt before the call happened. I was laughing my ass of with my friends and the jokes we made. Anyway, irrelevant to the story, but still, this whole thing started in the middle-ground of happy and sad, and that’s cool to think about.

The only reason why I’m making an emphasis on this is because of this stigma revolving around musicians and why there seems to be a lot of them that are sad, that’s why they write sad songs. But to me, I’m sort of in the middle of all of that. I’m not sad, but also not happy. I’m focused. That’s the best way to describe it. I’m feeling the music as it comes… and also probably because I listen to a lot of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross music, which is why my music sort of revolves around their style.

My Soundcloud account can be found here.

I also tried to find out if I could post my stuff on Spotify. But that venture didn’t really get anywhere, so…

22 | Dope as Fuck.

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22 | Dope as Fuck.

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